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Andrew Barbacki, Criminal Attorney
507 Place d’Armes
Suite 1504
Montréal, H2Y 2W8

T: 514-397-1751
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  1. I need the best criminial/civil lawyer in MOntreal. After spending over $150,000.00 on 2 lawyers here in MOntreal I am no further ahead. I NEED someone who has the knowledge and smarts to challenge Julie Boudras of De Grandpre Chait. This amount of money does not cover the $100,000.00 spent in Toronto. I am guilty, have pleaded guilty but now they are trying to take everything away from me. It is family (brother) instigated, and he doesn’t care if I am dead or his niece and nephew are dead. One case is under appeal and all paper’s have been filed (as I have been advised so) THis coming up case is a resitution order from Toronto which my brother had transfered to be heard in MOntreal by Boudras, as he thinks all lawyers in Montreal are idiots because of what he has encountered so far.
    I want the best, I want your name to make the opposing lawyer shake in fear. Does this fall within your office capabilities. I am with family all this Thanksgiving week, if you wish to communicate by email and request paper and or documents or to tell me take a hike you can reach me by the email above. after the 17th, I am free to meet with you.

    Joanne McGregor

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